20 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic To Unlimited

Want to get more traffic to your blog? If your answer is yes, read this article from start to end. Because in this post, I will share with you some proven ways to increase website traffic. I am using this trick to get maximum traffic on my blog.

You have to understand only tricks to get more traffic to your blog. so did this article carefully unless you will not get traffic.

By using these tested tricks, I have got my maximum visitors.

Before going to the main article, I want to tell you something

👉 increasing traffic to a blog can take some time. It depends on your work.

Create Clickable Thumbnail:

Your blog thumbnail is the first impression of your visitors. If you created clickable thumbnail, then users must click on the thumbnail and read your post. Thumbnail is one of the most important parts to get more organic traffic. When you share your content in social media, or if your image is ranked Google image, visitors will click on your post if your thumbnail is attractive and clickable.

To get more traffic to your blog, do not add thumbnail which is not related to a blog post.

Use Catchy Blog Post Title:

Catchy blog post title for the way to get more visitors to your blog. if your blog post was ranked on 2nd position in Google and if your title is catchy and clickable, maximum users will click on your post.

Blog post title tells your few words about the whole post, you have created.

Inside these useful things on your blog post

Add power words:

You can add power words (amazing, best, top) on your title.

For example: try is amazing SEO tools to improve SEO


Do not forget to add your main keyword on your blog post title to inform your visitors about the whole post.

For example Google AdSense approval trick for blogger

You can see I have added my main keyword ‘Google AdSense approval trick’ at the beginning of my blog post title.

Use Number:

You can use the number on your blog post title. It will attract your visitors to click on your post.

For example 150 + do-follow backlinks list

You can see, I have added 150 + in my blog post to get more traffic to my post

Target long-tail keywords:

We should always try to focus on long-tail keywords as it is easy to rank than sort keywords.

For example:

I cannot rank easily with a single ‘AdSense

But it is easy to rank on the this keyword ‘how to approve for AdSense

Because all high authority websites have targeted ‘AdSense’

Long-tail keywords also help you to get more traffic to your site because these keywords are very searchable.

Share your link on all platforms:

Try to share your blog posts to all social platforms to generate traffic to your new posts. Because we can not rank our posts instantly on Google. Always try to share your posts on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest.

In some cases, your website link will be blocked by Facebook. You can read this post to unblock your website from Facebook.

If you want to share your website on Quora, you have written a unique article to share your site link. Always try to avoid spamming unless Quora will ban your account permanently.

Do On-Page SEO:

ON-SEO is a big factor to generate unique and organic traffic to your blog from search engines. In some cases, on-page SEO is enough to rank your posts on Google if you do it properly.

Use SEO Plugins:

Seo is the key to get traffic to your blog. To do On-Page SEO properly, you have to use an SEO plugin. Rank Math is the best SEO plugin to improve your SEO.

Traffic From Quora:

If you are working on To’ keyword and doing affliate marketing, Quora can help you to increase your site traffic.

Quora’s question are ranked quickly on Google on ‘How to’ keywords. And you can increase sales from Quora. Because millions of people come Quora and solve their queries.

For an example: I have posted ‘SiteGround Alternetives’. So I can ask a question on Quora related to this topic.

Then I can answer my own question with the same or other account.

I followed the same method to increase my sales.

Use Good Theme:

User spending time is the most important factor for ranking. If users are spending their time to your blog, then your blog will definitely Rank on Google top 10.

To increase user spending time on your site, you have to choose a user friendly fast loading theme. I am using GeneratePress Premium which is one of the best fast loading theme. You can check more about this theme and Purchase it on clicking on the link.

This theme is not load fast but also it looks better then other themes. You can also check use page builders like Elementer Pro, Thrive Architect.

Use a Good Hosting:

I know if you are a new blogger, you are using a cheap hosting. So that you site is slow.

Do you know page loading time a ranking factor?

If you don’t know then don’t worry. I will tell you in detail on this matter.

Suppose your site is ranking on the 1st position on google a keyword. But you are using a cheap hosting. As a result, you site is opening very slowly.

Now, if a user search the keyword and try to visit your site, you site will open slowly. So that he or she can bounce back. As a result, Google will down your ranking.

Write Long Articles

Article is the key to rank your site on google. So if you have written your article without any mistake then your article will definitely Rank in Google without any backlinks.If your article lenth is 3000 or above 3000 then you can expect your post on Google top 10.You saw google that most of the sites on top 10 have written articles more than 3000 words.

Use Important Plugins

Plugins are very very important if you are using wordpress.Here I am going to discuss my favourite plugins.

Rank Math:

When I started my Blogging journey from wordpress, I used yoast seo plugin. Then I migrated to rank math. Because it is free and provides lot of extra features.


If you are a wordpress user then this you don’t need to install it manually. Because it was already installed from wordpress system.


If you want to convert your viewers to subscribers then you have to use a email marketing tool. Convertkit is one of the best email marketing tools.

Thrive Architect:

If you want to get more sales and make your blog attractive then you should use a theme builder. I am using thrive architect plugin which is amazing and easy to use. You can also use elementer Pro plugin.

Wp Rocket:

If you want to make your website fast then this the right plugin for your site. Because Google consider blog speed as a ranking factor.Email Marketing

Make Facebook group

Facebook is the most popular social network all over the world.If you build your facebook group, then you don’t think about traffic. Because you will generate traffic when you publish a new post.Make a youtube channelYouTube is one best video sharing platform. Where you can promote you website. You can also Generate sales through your YouTube channel.

Do guest posting

Guest posting is the easiest way to spread your blog popularity.If the owner of the blog provides you a do follow backlinks then it will help you to rank on top of the Google. Even top seo experts have followed this method to rank their website fast.

Use PinterestIf you are working on fashion, fitness, software related niches then Pinterest is the best platform to promote your website.

Social bookmarking

If you want to index your blog fast on Google then social bookmarking is the best way to do that.There are so many social bookmarking sites.I use mix, reddit and some other networks

Long tail keyword

If you have just started your Blogging journey then I will recommend you to target long tail keywords.For an example: “How to increase traffic to your website in 2020”. This is a long tail keyword.But I target “increase Website traffic” then there is a less chance to rank my website.To find long tail keywords, I use tool named long tail pro.Use social lockerIf you are a daily visitors of our blog then you already know that I use social locker when I provide any new thing.

Take interviews

FAQs About Website Traffic:

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