9 Best Methods to Increase Domain Authority in 2021

Hey guys, today we are talking about some proven methods to increase the domain authority of a website. Da is a very important factor to get in the top position on Google.
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What is Da?

DA which is also DR means Domain authority ( Domain Rating ).

How to increase Da

If you want to increase your Da, you need to follow a basic rule. Try to follow the rules and read this article carefully. Because one mistake can be harmful for your website.

Increase the number of backlinks:

By increasing the number of quality backlinks, you can rank on the top position of Google. Quality backlinks also help you to increase your DA . Moz will detect your backlinks and increase your site Da.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking is a important part for seo.
Internal Linking not only help you get traffic to your blog, it also help you to increase your Da.
Always try to give do follow backlinks to your other posts. So that Google will crowl your other posts. If you give a no follow link to your other blog posts, Google will not crowl your other posts. So it will be better if you give do follow backlink to your other posts.

Traffic Generating backlinks:

If you get traffic from your backlinks, your ranking will increase. No backlinks also will help you to increase your da. But you need to get traffic from the sites. Do follow backlinks will not help you to increase your da unless you get traffic from them.
So traffic from the backlinks is very important for your SEO. So I always recommend you to use Quora and medium.

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