How to Start a Blog From Scratch in 2021

Do you want to start your blog? If yes, you have come to the right article on the internet. Because in this article, I will share with you some steps to start your money-making blog in 2021. It will be a good decision if you want to start a blog. Because thousands of people start their blogging business and making millions of dollars from it.

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I know you will ask on the comments section,

why we will start a blog?

Can I earn money from blogging?

How much we can earn from blogging?

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Do you peeve by your boss?

Do you want to make your life easy?

Blogging is the best solution to solve these solutions. Because you don’t need to go out of your home to make money from blogging.

You can work on blogging at any time.

If you start your blog now, you will get advance from who will start their blog after you. Because Google loves old sites and authority sites.

If you talk about earning, it completely depends on your niche. But you can generate a handsome income if you work on your blog properly.

Select a niche:

First and the most important step to start a blog is niche selection. Every newbie makes a mistake on this point.

Like others, I have made a mistake on this point.

Basically I am a student now and I don’t have any ideas on insurance. When I just started my blog, I know that Adsense is the only source to monetize my blog. After watching some videos on youtube, I come to know that AdSense gives high CPC on insurance-related articles.

So I have started a blog on insurance. But you know that I don’t have any ideas on this topic. So I started coping with other content.

After 1 month, I understand that I don’t rank on Google if you share copied content on my site.

So I have started this blog where I share hosting review and blogging related tips.

So I will recommend you to select a niche where you can write articles and have good knowledge.

If you tried to copy others then you will get success in blogging. Because after 3 months, you will not write articles on your site for lack of knowledge on the niche.

Purchase a Domain:

After selecting a good niche, you have to purchase a domain. If you have already purchased a domain, then you can skip this portion.

At this point, I will guide you to purchase the best domain for your site.

First of all, I want to tell you that you will get thousands of websites where you can purchase domains among them GoDaddy, BigRock, Hostinger, Namecheap are popular and trusted.

If you are facing problem to select a domain, then you can use a tool. I have recently used this tool to start a micro niche blog and this tool is just amazing.

Though you will get thousands of websites where you can generate domain names. But I am using Lean Domain Search.

After typing your main keyword on the search box, they provide you SEO friendly domain names and the good think of this site is, all of the domains are available.

You can follow the rules before purchasing a domain

Always try to purchase a .com domain

Focus keyword much be on your domain

Don’t use any number in the domain name

Purchase a Hosting:

Hosting is very important in you won’t really want to start a profitable blog. Because good hosting can change your life.Do not try to use cheap hosting because these hosting companies are using reseller hosting. So that your site will be slow after 20 posts.

In my opinion, SiteGround or A2Hosting or Bluehost will be best to host your site.I will recommend you to use SiteGround for their 24/7 support. Because you need good support to start your blog.

Install WordPress:

After selecting good hosting for your side you have to install WordPress which is one of the best blogging platforms.

At this point,  I will show you how can install WordPress on your hosting?

To install WordPress on your hosting you have to go to your hosting Cpanel.

After going to your posting c panel scroll down and click on the WordPress icon.

After disturb you will see http, http.www, https, https.www

I will prefer for you to go it https.www if you are serious about blogging.

Why? Because https sites are secure and Google gives higher priority to secure sites.

Then you will see blog name, description option. You can skip description option because you can add this after installing.

After that step, you have to create a username and password for your your blog.

After completing all the steps, you can install the WordPress.

Select A Theme:

If you have followed my steps, then you have installed WordPress perfectly.

So now you have select a good and light weighted theme.

I am using GeneratePress premium theme and it is amazing and easy to customise.

So my first recommend theme is GeneratePress.

But you can also install astra theme.

Install necessary plugins:

If you have installed your theme, then you have to install some necessary plugins.

In this point, I i will share with you some best plugins which I am using.

Note: I have recommended this plugins according to my niche. So if you think that you have to install more plugins for your site then you can install

Rank Math or Yoast SEO:

If you are using wordpress, then you have to install a seo plugin unless your posts will not index in google. No matter on which niche you are working.

I am personally using rank math. I have previously used yoast seo. But I have recently migrated to rank math.

Backup Plugin:

Backup Plugin is very important. Because if your blog has been hacked then your backup will help you to recover your site.

You will find thousands of backup Plugins on But I personally recommend Duplicator or Updraft

If you use them, then a backup will automatically save on every 1 hour.

Social Share Plugin:

Social sharing plugins are very important to get more share and traffic from social media.

I have used so many social plugins among them social soap and soical walfare are amuzing.

404 Redirect:

If you want to fix 404 errors easily then you have to use a 404 error plugin. I know that we

Start Email Marketing:

After starting a profitable blog, try to collect emails from your viewers to get more sales. To start email marketing, you can find so many tools on the internet among them Mail Chimp, Get Response, Convertful are popular. You can also check the post

Start finding low competition Keywords:

As you are a new blogger and blog is new, Google will not rank your website. You can easily rank your website in Low competition keywords. To find low competition keywords, you need a paid tool.I am using Semrush to find low competition keywords. You can find so many tools to find low competition keywords. So I will recommend you to read the article

Target your competitors:

To get success in blogging, you have to find your competitors.

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