Best 10 Free SEO Tools For Bloggers 2021

Hey, guys today we are talking about the best amusing free SEO tools that I am using.
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Do you know that without any SEO tool it’s impossible to rank in Google?

As millions of bloggers are working on the same niche on which you are working.

So you have to do proper on-page, off-page and technical SEO for your blog posts.

But it’s impossible to do SEO without any tools. But as a beginner, new bloggers can not able to afford paid tools. That’s why I have listed some free SEO tools for beginners bloggers.

Grammarly Free Version:

You can use Grammarly free version to improve your writing and spelling. If you do so many mistakes at writing time, then Grammarly will be best for you. Because it is no possible to correct all grammar and spellings manually.

Grammarly will help you find spelling mistakes and other grammatical mistakes so that your article will be SEO friendly and readable. You can also use their paid subscription to improve your writing.


SEMrush is a paid SEO tool, but I will share with you a simple to trick to get SEMrush for 30 days without changing money.

You can use this tool for Lifetime by signing up with different emails. But I recommend you to purchase their tool. Because you get some limitations to their free version.

I have recently created a post on Aherfs Vs SEMrush. If you have any confusion, then you can read the below posts.

SEMrush Review: Based On 5 Amusing Tools


Mangoos is one of the best SEO tools that I have ever used. This tool can be one of the best alternatives to SEMrush and Aherfs. 

Because with this tool, you can avoid doing SEO mistakes. You can also use their chrome extension which makes your work super easy. Use the below link, to get 10 days free trial. VISIT NOW Here are some awesome features of this tool

Kwfinder: With this feature, you can find profitable keywords for your business. Here they will show, keyword difficulty, volume, CPC, and many more. You can also use filters to find easy keywords. 

Link Mintor: This feature is used to find backlinks of any website. You can find backlinks of your competitors with tools. 


Canva is a free and paid thumbnail and logo and banner making website where you can create a thumbnail for your blogger posts.
Here you can make awesome thumbnails, and they will give you some templates which are copyright free. So that you do not face any copyright issue and your images will be rank quickly as your thumbnails are unique and awesome.

Here you can find awesome templates and beautiful pictures and some other unique features which will really help you to make your blog logo and thumbnail.


Sloove is a completely free SEO tool to find post related keywords. If you are a blogger, YouTube, Amazon affiliate marketers, you use this tool.

This tool will help you to add a search description ( In blogger ) or Featured snippet ( In WordPress ).

Webp Converter:

I have listed webp Converter tool because website loading is one of the most important factors to rank on Google. Google introduced Webp format to compress image images without losing quality. 

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