Best Free Email Marketing Tools In 2021

Hey Guys, today I am going to discuss on best free email marketing tools to grow your email list. If you are a newbie, this article will definitely help you to get more sales of your product or it can help you to get more views.

Before we will discuss on this topic, I want to show you what is the importance of growing an email list

Importance of Growing Email List:

Not only email, you can also grow your other assets like Facebook group, telegram group.

  • Help you to get in touch with your viewers
  • Help you to get more sale
  • Help you to get more views
  • Best Email Marketing Tools:

Mail Chimp:

If you are a beginner, I will recommend you to use this tool because you can start email marketing from here for free. You can store upto 2000 emails and send upto 10000 emails per month which is enough for a newbie.

The only con of this tool is limitations. You will get some limitations in the free plan and lack of facilities.



If you want to start email marketing professionally, we can use this tool. But you can not send emails automatically to your subscribers in the free version. You can only broadcast emails. But this tool has more features than Mail Chimp. You can also unlock paid features by inviting your friends.


If you have money to start email marketing, I will always prefer you to use Convertful high convertion. This tool will provide you beautiful Templates which attract your viewers to join your new letters.

But this tool is not full free. In free version, you will get 1000 months visits. It mean, after show the pop up 1000 times in a month, It won’t show.


If you want to start email marketing for free then I suggest you to because not only you can create email list here, you can send emails to your subscribers for free.

With Mail Lite you can collect subscribers and send 12000 emails a month to your subscribers.

The most convenient thing here is that you can do everything for free which is very helpful for a new blogger. But if you want to do professional email marketing then I will never comment on Mail Lite.

On every free thing, you will get some disadvantages. in Mailer lite, you will not use advance automation other necessity templates and you will not get a report of your sending emails.


If you are running a online store website, you can try OmniSend. This is one of the tools if your are beginning and just started your online store.

How many subscribers you can add?


How many subscribers you can add in one month?


How many emails you can send in a month?



Sender is one the most popular site where you can start your email marketing for free. Sender is a award winning email marketing tool that help you to get more sale for your product or promote Affiliate products.

It is not completely free. Like Mail Chimp and other Email Marketing tools, they have a paid plan. 

If you are a beginner, you don’t need any paid plan. Because there free plan is enough for a beginner or medium blogger. Because you add upto 2000 subscribers and 15000 Emails.


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